LULU FAIRY SKIRT  Arctic Blue/Dusty Rose

LULU FAIRY SKIRT Arctic Blue/Dusty Rose

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The LULU FAIRY SKIRT is a combination of different coloured laces, some of which are hand dyed. It has a stretch waistband with a tie ribbon at the front which can be used to adjust the waist size if necessary.

XS: Waist 40-48 cm, Length 32 cm, Fits approx 1-2 years

  S: Waist 44-52 cm, Length 40 cm, Fits approx 2-3 years

  M: Waist 52-60 cm, Length 44 cm, Fits approx 4-5 years

   L: Waist 54-64 cm, Length 48 cm, Fits approx 6-7 years

Available in Rainbow, Unicorn, Sherbert, Mulberrys and more….

If you would like a particular colour mix or larger sizes we can make custom orders please contact us via email.