Mermaid Blue

Mermaid Blue

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This very cute little mermaid costume is a must in every dress up box. It has a seashell bra top and a slinky, sparkly, shiny, shimmering tail. The fabric is a sequin polyester and the lining is polyester.



 XS  : Waist 42-55 cm, Tail 65 cm, Fits approx 2-3 years

 S  : Waist 44-57 cm, Tail 67 cm, Fits approx 4-5 years

 M  : Waist 50-64 cm, Tail 71 cm, Fits approx 5-6 years

 L  : Waist 52-68 cm, Tail 75 cm, Fits approx 6-7 years